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7 Pearl Necklaces that Famous Celebs are Donning

Bollywood has a lot to offer the public with its material and performance, but also with its actors and narrative, but more importantly people are affected by the manner in which actors dress and what kind of attire and jewelry they wear. Women are influenced more than males.

Anarkali suits are now popular after being worn by stars such as Madhuri Dixit in Devdas as well as by the jewelry that Anushka Shetty featured in Bahubali. We will be listing seven pearl necklace designs that Bollywood Celebrities are donning everywhere and you could also add them into your wardrobe as well. Wear them for wedding event or Indian ceremony.

Keep these in mind for the next home party or at the wedding of your friend. Learn more about them.

1. Necklace of Pearl and Gold Necklace

The Gold and Pearl Necklace is often coupled to Lehengas and South-Silk sarees and it looks attractive. The entire necklace is made of gold and is positioned upon it’s Collar and the edges of the neck are embellished with tiny Pearls. Most necklaces come with earring set.

2. Kundan as well as Pearl Necklace

Its Kundan as well as Pearl necklace is quite long and looks great with wide neck blouses from the lehenga. Wear it to the Diwali event or for any Indian pujas. They can be paired with the Khakee dress for a trendy style. This style has been incorporated into many of the earlier Bollywood fashions of celebrities.

3. Copper and Pearl Necklace

common it is seen on Celebrities photographs captured during the daytime. It is light and looks elegant when paired with a Linen Salwar Dress. Like any other celebrity, you can also wear this to any casual event and look stunning.

4. Banjara Oxidized Pearl Necklace

The Oxidized Pearl Necklace can be worn both at day and evening and can be worn with a suit, saree or lehenga. It can give the appearance you’d like to have using any other necklace set. The necklace sets are in stock and can be found in local stores and are offered by the Banjara community in general.

Keep an eye out for them as you go to the market on a daily basis or Sunday markets, and pick one to take home for yourself.

5. Pearl Galabandh Choker Necklace

Galabandh Choker Necklace has always been a Bollywood preferred to wear together with Georgette the lehenga and Silk Lehenga. However, these choker sets are popular among women in Rajasthan and are often purchased during weddings for brides who are getting married. Purchase one for yourself and pair it with a blouse that is high neck.

6. Layered Pearl Necklace

A must-have layering pearl necklace can be worn in Western and Traditional dress styles. It looks great with a Heavily made lehengas and looks elegant when paired with a Professional Western dress. Find yourself a Pearl necklace, and mix and match it with a variety of styles.

7. Pearl Long Necklace Set

This set of necklaces is seen at many celebrity weddings, they are lightweight, but look like a large necklace. You can pair them with a lehenga of cotton, silk or georgette for a elegant style.


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