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Best Way To Wear Saree

Looking for how to tie the silk saree with the most beautiful manner? Give your look an extra twist by using these original draped saree styles that will make heads turn. What are you waiting around for? Select the style that fits you most. We’ve also collected the top 5 SAREE LOOKS from the most popular fashion bloggers from India For an on-the-spot fashion ideas.

1. Subtle Scarf Style

Are you looking to wear an ethnic style that is offbeat? You can keep it casual yet stylish by wearing this unique saree in a draping fashion. You can split it and wrap it on the neck and tie it in the scarf style to create a stunning style. Then, wrap the pallu around your neck instead of putting it over the shoulders.

2. Wrap It Around Your Neck

You can try this classic style All you have to do is take off the pleats and stick to a simple style starting from the beginning to the bottom. Wrap the pallu around your neck towards the end to add a touch of 90’s to your saree. If you’re ready to experiment, this traditional draped style seems as a perfect alternative.

3. Lehenga Style Draping

You’ve probably seen this look of saree during the celebrations, especially since it has a Bengali ethnic look to it. Begin by pleating the fabric and make sure you don’t allow the drape to fall down and instead, pin it in a flowing design over the shoulderThis is the way to go!

4. Give It the Bengali Touch

Are you unsure of how to tie silk sarees? This is a different style. We’re sure that you’re here to play around with ideas, so why not attempt the traditional look? Wrap the pallu exactly as bengali women wrap it to create a flowing look. It is also possible to experiment with making pleats on the design of your detachable. You’ve seen many stars sporting this look on the television. How do you feel about trying it right now?

5. It is the Indo Fusion Style

Sonam Kapoor has certainly nailed her Oh! This is a stunning saree style. This dress is an ideal combination of both traditional and modern Fusion. We’re in love with the dhoti appearance that makes the entire look stand out. All you have to do is wear the look with confidence and you’re done! Everyone will be keeping their eyes on you.

6. Maintain a Casual Look

If going out of the norm isn’t your style, this monochrome saree’s distinctive draping style appears to be perfect for you. The saree’s draping style is a combination of pleats and dhoti pallu. Don’t settle for the traditional pleating look. Try this unique look Do not forget to pair the unique design of this blouse with your saree, as it adds some extra glam to this traditional look.

7. Don’t Forget The Lehenga-Saree-Look

What about refashioning your whole outfit to give it the look of a lehenga? Do wide pleats along the botton. Keep the pleats on the front in the pallu the longest you can. Attach the “kamar bands” around the waistline to add a touch of glamour to your saree. This is the perfect choice for the season of weddings and is also a great draped saree style for brides from the South Indian Bride.

8. It’s Not Your Style

Another offbeat style for casual saree looks and you can effortlessly carry it to a normal outing in the event that you like sarees. Begin with the pleats, then put the pallu on your neck, not around your shoulder. Keep using the opposite side of the pallu, and pin it to the neck’s back. Then you’re done! This is the perfect choice for a simple yet elegant style. Feeling like a fashion-forward queen already?

9. And lastly, The Dhoti Style

From the blouse’s design from the neck belt shimmering to the draping look The whole ensemble looks gorgeous and we cannot stop looking at. Dhoti-style has definitely been a huge trend this season, and if you want to get it You must have seen or have dotted many celebrities who are slaying in this outfit. Why aren’t you?

10. Trend is the “Waist Belt” or “Kamar Band” The latest fashion

What can you do to keep to the new trends in sarees? Simply add a Waist belt, or make the There are many belts similar to this on the market to update your saree style. You can add it to any saree to dress it up for the wedding season. The guests are sure to be impressed by this!



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